Duralast Car Battery Review – Should You Invest In This Brand?

Is Duralast a viable option for many a consumer in the market and all around consumers? Is there a difference when it comes to the components that make up a typical Duralast battery—whether silver, gold, or platinum? And, perhaps just as vital—for this Duralast car battery review among anything—is this brand of Duralast a contender within the ranks of ”the best’ among battery brands?

The Duralast Series: A Review On Just What Kind of Battery Is The Duralast In Comparison To Others

The batteries over at Duralast is not always a consistent hit over the other battery products you may find in other reviews, as well as the overall consumer market (when it comes to batteries, at least).

But, despite this, you do find a “good” number of supports, still—this is especially true when it comes to the performance markers that the Duralast Gold series offers to battery (not just cars) enthusiasts all around the market.

Here, let us take a look at some of the features this particular Duralast product (below) and what it brings to the table when it comes to other battery brands!

The DLG-51R Duralast Battery

Along with the other members of the Duralast family, this (often expert recommendable) product brings about a considerably effective and efficient package when it comes to quite the long battery lifespan as well as amperage for considerable amounts of cold cranking—even possesses adjustability and a generous warranty program.

Some features to consider:
• First off, it contains for the consumer a warranty program of 36-months of free to replace the agreement
• Considerably test performance, referencing several consumer report reviews and testing evaluations
• Battery lifespan testing that shows this product holds a significant amount of voltage through many repeatable discharge-to-charge cycles during a hot temperature environment
• “Good enough” reservation of capacity, of which is the length that a battery can give to a vehicle system before it falls out
• A 500 C-C-A rating for amperage in terms of cold cranking, and one that is considered useful in terms of standard 12-volt battery systems
• Also, it is relatively good in weight and easy to handle, for a good number of consumers—beginner, intermediate or expert

Looking over the many things above, you can give a bet that Duralast as a battery brand (and especially their gold series) that is bankable and one that you can trust.

What Is The Best Auto(motive) Battery? —And Can The Duralast Series Meet That Standard?

Though not the particular subject matter of this piece, you will (and you will find often), that there will be a relative number of players that keep on consistently churning out high-performance products in the market.

Though (admittingly) the Duralast Gold series does not always bring about the “churns” of performance in mention above, they do bring about several supports battery package as well as other features.

Also, to remind, these features belong across many of the “gold series” batteries that are in Duralast—specifically, you can find them in these divisions:

• The Duralast (STANDARD)
• The Duralast (GOLD)
• The Duralast (PLATINUM)

So, what are the features that Duralast brings that make the battery brand (maybe not great) a “good” investment for many a battery enthusiast—car users or otherwise:

#1 – Warranty For All
• Perhaps not for all, but Duralast battery products (“gold” series including) bring a worthy enough consideration because the warranties they offer run about as long as three years—and includes a replacement, too.
• And, that duration of battery warranty translates to a roundabout number of 36 months, which is quite a long time for a battery—and a boon for consumers.

#2 – Material In Utilization
• Duralast brings upon the construction of their battery products through the use of calcium, which is often ideal when in application to different kinds of a car like buses or taxis—which is ”favorable’, depending on the purpose or goal.

#3 – Standard Performance Factors
• Along with other competitor brands, Duralast batteries contains a focus on two prime performance factors: amperage for ”cold cranking’ and reservation of capacity
• In terms of amperage for ”cold cranking’ or CCA, many products of Duralast meet a “good” and even “great” rating of performance with ranges that can begin at the 500’s.
• In terms of reservation for capacity or RC, many products of Duralast meet a “good” rating of performance (depending on who is reviewing).

#4 – Designing The Structure
• Grid integration and plate integration to just about any high-performing battery because of the need to control the currents of voltage (and to control overall heat), especially during starting up—and Duralast brings this as a priority.
• Also, Duralast batteries make use of polypropylene as a construction material to aid the reduction of ”vibrations’ and ”shocks’ that can occur in battery cell movement.

How Long Do Duralast Car Batteries Last—Which Car Battery Lasts The Longest According To RC?

There is a “critical” aspect to the topic (or issue) of “lasting longer” when it comes to the endurance and longevity factors when it comes to, not just car batteries, but batteries—in general.

And, more than anything, the “critical” aspect is that of an RC or “reservation of capacity,” which is essential to helping a battery in just about anything:


• Holding on a “floating” level of voltage


• Letting the battery hold on as many currents


• Reserving crucial energy in cold environments

So, by many ways imaginable, a battery that possesses a significant number of reservations of capacity or RC level delivers a “good” sign that your battery will withstand a lot of problems in starting up or even deep cycling.

And, per the above benefits of the reservation of capacity, you will also give your battery a fighting chance against the cold weather (and other temperature fluctuations).

The issue of control when it comes to temperature is crucial—which is why capacities for reserving those currents rate that potential usually in minutes (lasting longer by the minute).

But, in that regard, and for this Duralast car battery review, the reservation of capacity for most of the Duralast battery products (except for the silver, apparently) are just “good”—not great.

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