Exide Car Battery Review And Its Faring Against High Price Competitors

Not to say anything about its modesty, Exide is a brand that looks after the most common denominators to customers seeking batteries: performance and whether it hurts the wallet. But, does it hold up for your purse amidst a selection of other battery brands like Champion, Energizer, and Bosch? Well, this Exide car battery review may make you enthusiastic as to why Exide remains ‘the king’ when it comes to those denominators.

The Exide Series: A Review On Who Makes The Best Car Battery For The Money (Does Exide Cut It?)

Exide batteries definitely “cut it” when it comes to your budget, most notably its focus on giving out high cranks even at lightweight models (something to consider):

1. The FP-AGM35 Exide Automotive

Nothing to say about this product but a considerably good performance despite its rather slim, trim and lightweight design structure—and one of those products that wear its performance on its sleeve without sacrificing the practical element.

Features To Consider:
• You cannot go wrong at a 40-pound weight distribution, which can go a long way in the hands of someone just starting out
• Reasonable and reliable with as much application to give with different kinds of automotive applications—and remains just as strong in various tests
• Surf Life technology that maximizes the use of whatever available energy is useable, using a graphite material
• Offers a safety feature against ‘spilling’ through the use of compression mat material in its structure and design
• At 25-amperage, you can get around as much as 110-reserves of capacity measurable in minutes
• A rather high CCA rating that goes around at an amperage for 650 in cold cranking function

2. The 58RC.BAT Exide Battery

Reliable and overall a great display of performance and efficient weight distribution, if it is essential for you as a consumer to rely on a product that delivers—though modest, but gives nonetheless—considerable performance with reasonable specifications, look no further than this product.

Features To Consider:
• Availability is assurance and in assortment, with a selection of sizes that can help you pick that which is more your appropriation
• Excellent tolerance towards different levels of temperature—a must for a rather lightweight
• Preferably ‘free’ from heavy maintenance and comfortable when it comes to installation
• At 25-amperes in distribution, you cannot go wrong its reserves of capacity at around 80 by way of minutes
• CCA rating for cranking ‘the cold’ at about 580

3. The XRF-31E Exide Road Force

If temperature and variation resistance is under your markers for a substantial investment in a battery, you will find that much promise with this product, along with a rather beneficial set of performance factors that will leave a great impression, overall.

Features To Consider:
• The compression mat structure that does not hurt also, and helps out the ‘spills’ that are often a problem with many a battery
• 925 in terms of a CCA rating, which can bust out a performance in the colder weathers ahead
• With over 200 capacity for reservation in minutes, you get an additional performance marker for another vehicle if you wish
• An overall balance with around two times the average battery cycling and about twelve times the resistance to ‘vibration’ problems
• An acceptance of charging that is as much as 40% as high as most conventional batteries

4. The FP-AGM24(F) Exide Battery

Utterly reliable and never one to shy away from the cold weather (and cold temperatures), you can be sure to put this product where your budget is in terms of the “return of investment”—probably the “crown jewel” in terms of its overall popularity.

Features To Consider:
• Full depth and scope in terms of product dimensions and at a considerable weight too: around 46 pounds
• Sustainable in terms of all-around performance able to take quite the heaviness of many a load—all without spilling due to its compression structure
• With a Sure Life technology feature, you can be an assurance that it will use up the energy that is available for even longer sustenance
• Reservation of capacity that reaches at a high 120 minutes
• The CCA count that reaches 710 in amperage for a cold cranking rating
• Though in the ‘heavier’ side of things, it is sturdy and the ease of installation helps

What Should I Look For In When Buying A Car Battery?

You should look out for a couple of things (three to be specific) when looking for a battery that not only delivers but is well within your budget—Exide is your prime choice in this particular department, though:

#1 – CCA Ratings And Amperage For Cold Cranking
• Exide makes a point to offer their high-performance products at quite reasonable prices but without sacrificing a battery product’s ability to deliver amperage amidst the cold temperature of the weather—vitally important to mention this from the get-go.

#2 – Assortment in Group ‘Sizes’ As Well As Weight
• Though quality much matters, you cannot ignore most consumers’ concerns that a high group battery size is more practical, especially when dealing with multiple operations—the same goes for lightweight models (which Exide covers quite well).

#3 – The Design And Its Overall Durability
• One of the things and factors that you see that make up a typical Exide battery is not only of reasonable weight but one that is intemperance internally—the design of the cell to hold out against all kinds of vibration shocks and all-around spillage.

These factors above are, in other words, focusing on practicality and the bare essentials for a budget-friendly high-performance battery—all three need to be in consideration if practicality is the goal and Exide covers this.

Is Bosch A “Good” Car Battery Brand In Comparison to Exide?

Yes, Bosch is indeed a “good” car battery brand and one that competes not just with Exide, but a host of other brands as well.

What separates an Exide from a Bosch, however, is its overall production location and methodologies in manufacturing—but, more plainly, Exide is just friendlier to your concerns for budget and high performance.

If this Exide car battery review is to say something about it, the ‘price is (quite) right’ with an Exide battery—consistency and all.

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