Napa Car Battery Review And Whether It Is Up To “Snuff”

With a group of retails all around a nation, Napa may be your best bet for a good battery if you are not that ‘nitpicky.’ Get to know some of the features that a Napa battery can offer your cars. Is Napa even a “good battery” outside of its online presence—this Napa car battery review should help you out on these concerns.

The Napa Series: Are Napa Car Batteries Any Good?

Though several battery brands are in flux around the marketplace, and many brands consistently perform very well, Napa is one battery brand that belongs to either a budget-friendly or broad variety side of battery packages.

More to the point, Napa batteries are a kind of (sort of) subsidiary of one of the top car battery brands out there, Exide, Optima and that alone gives consumers a chance to weigh in their options (usually for the better as far as assurance is a concern).

An example of this is a Napa car battery brand below that is otherwise “not” available for mass consumer status or is at a “limit” when it comes to its distribution—again, the re-direction to a more Napa or Exide affiliation can be the cause of this:

The 755IR (The Legend) Napa Battery

Like most of the batteries that go with the Napa brand, you can expect a considerable amount of performance to be in delivery with this product, and one that displays a good deal of ‘amperage’ for functions like cold cranking as well as a particular temperature tolerance.

Some of the features up for consideration:
• Like other products of the brand, you can get a warranty program for this product at either an 18-month (the usual) and 24-month (the maximum) agreement for replacement
• The amount of ‘amperage’ on the cold cranking scale (or rating) can start for as low as 500, which is excellent any 12-voltage battery unit system
• Though temperature can be very variable, this product shows its manufacturing design by working even at cold temperatures—and even in those conditions that are quite ‘severe.’
• In terms of ranking, you will find a ‘considerable’ averaging of reviews anywhere from a “good,” “decent” and even an “excellent”—in a broad spectrum of appraisal from different studies and consumer reports, of course
• The product, along with others in the brand, is available in a selection of stores and are available in all kinds of battery group sizes—adjustable to your varying goals

And, for most of the manufacturing process, Napa does it best to ensure customer satisfaction:

• This case is especially true when it comes to the battery group size variations, as well as the product’s (including the legend model) adjustability for all kinds of vehicles and motors

So, are Napa batteries (the legend model including), any good? –they are right, but customers will probably want more.

In a roundup for crucial performance markers of car batteries or high-performance batteries, in general, you will find that Napa batteries are overall “decent”:


• The cold amperage cranking function, which their products can vary in between somewhere from 500 to as much as 800 in ratings under the CCA measurement


• Temperature variation resistance, which is quite essential in terms of protecting a battery from overall degradation throughout its use—Napa is considerably “decent” and even “good” at making this a priority


• Offering a lot of variability in terms of battery group sizes, and depending on different levels of customer standards and satisfaction, will elicit somewhere from a ‘lukewarm’ to—again— “decent” reception
Though not to be in consideration only as a “bonus,” it also must be in a highlight that Napa’s warranty agreement is favorable for a good number of people:


• An 18-month space for warranty and observance for your batteries.


• Potential 24-month space for warranty and observance for your batteries.

Yes, some brands do, indeed, offer up as much as a 36-month warranty program for their batteries, but we take note that is the exception, not necessarily the rule.

How To Know Which Brand Is The Best Car Battery—Is NAPA Even One Of Them?

Napa gets some “street cred” (for lack a better term) in terms of an online presence does possess some reviews that mark them as “number one” or “excellent” batteries—and most studies that mark them as “decent” (at the least).

You can look out for some of these performance factors that can guide you to a “better” battery product—for you:

#1 – Amperage For “Starting” Vehicles
• Securing a high enough amperage, especially for cars, is vital—and Napa even makes a focus with high “amps” in their products.

#2 – Warranty Agreement Details
• Not be an all-around “buzzkill,” but giving leeway to a longer duration of the warranty can provide a customer some assurance for proper observation—as the 18 to 24 in month agreement that Napa honors show.

#3 – Manufacturing Design Structure
• Though not so much is in the remark about Napa design, you do get a correlation on the matter of “sturdier and more durable design” = battery longevity.

#4 – Temperature Resistance
• Temperature (unusually cold), quite frankly, “sucks the life” out of a battery—and much of Napa’s praises as a brand falls under this category.

#5 – A Variety Of Options
• Sometimes, variety matters for different goals—and Napa contains a lineup of batteries (and sizes) that fit different purposes.

Do Napa Install Batteries For Free?

Napa enlists auto-part retailer stores, across several states (in America, to be specific).


• Sell Napa batteries


• Investigate your current battery cells

On either side of the scale, you will get a chance to go about installation, and in considerable cases, it is free of charge.

You may wish, however, to inquire to specific Napa stores if they are near you:

Here are some Napa locations that are available over in America:

• Auto-part store retailers across nationwide


• Stores around East Penn and 75th Circle Parkway, on Southeast of Atlanta—in the state of Georgia
That is it for this Napa car battery review—hopefully, this is of some help.