Optima Car Battery Review And Why “Quality” Matters (Still)

Optima, as far as batteries and vehicles can go, is “the top” leader. But there are up and coming brands that beg to differ. At what point—when the throne does go to some other folk—can we learn why Optima hangs on the field as others try to climb up? Read over this Optima car battery review and learn why Optima is “Optimal.”

The Optima Series: Is Optima “A Good” Battery—Or More?

The batteries available (for your investment) at Optima are not just “good” batteries (offering you the practical ‘basics’) nor do they give you ‘advancement in technology’ as a marketing pitch—they make overall “quality” as the main focus, through and through:

1. The Dual-Purpose Optima Battery (Yellow)

An excellent starting base for just about any battery enthusiast delving into the world of batteries and vehicles—great fun, too, considering you can use these performance traits for just about a host of many functions.

Features To Consider:
• Quite the low rate for self-activation discharge, which means that minutia of power ‘leaks’ out when in non-use and thus, lower hours of operation—and lower maintenance (another minutia) on your part
• Much respectable through all kinds of associative organizations, highlighting the benefits and ‘the standards’ of this product
• With its unique poly-propylene design of the material, you get a reliable product without losing all of its durability—this can take the battery to a longer-lasting state.
• Notwithstanding, it contains safety features that block out all kinds of leaks or ‘spillage’ problems
• Multi-purpose (too many different types of vehicles) as well as economical (due to its material design and structure)—great balance, right there

2. The OPT-8020 (164) Optima Starting Battery (Red)

When the heavy-duty performance vehicles need a friend, this product is undoubtedly (okay, arguably) at the top of that list—a perfect match when it comes to the specific function with the particular model vehicle, in mind.

Features To Consider:
• Overall “excellent” when it comes to offering up the quality in design and structure—that means considerably resistant to “leaks” while performing its functions in throughout startups.
• If ever there is a choice for the kind of “off the road” adventure in the most difficult of weathers, you can rely on the durability of this product’s design and robust case structure—to get you to the ‘promise’ land.
• Enough in the saying—high, high amounts of cranking power that delivers despite what one may consider ‘horrible’ temperature conditions.
• The promise of a ‘free’ (or freer) maintenance is ever at the ready with this battery—and that is a great thing.
• 2X as longer lasting in comparison to many cells you find in the market Reasonable service lifetime that go up to as much as ten years, and with a 4-year warranty to stick the landing.
• For a starting battery that dishes out a high amount of power, it charges faster just as well

3. The OPT-8040 Optima Battery (Yellow)

Nothing speaks to a beginner (or even an expert) than they want for a multi-purpose (and perhaps, better) battery than this product due to structure and design, which is a trademark mark on the brand—offering both durability and sturdiness match to match with a high amount of electrical performance.

Features To Consider:
• Around 15X the resistance to all kinds of ‘vibration’ and ‘shocks,’ indicating a lot when it comes to the overall endurance when it comes to breaking down and spilling over—a significant cause of concern to many a battery.
• Patent and worn proudly, the Spiral – Cell design and structure gives enabling powerful bursts of results from the output—and from the outset (not accidents when ‘hooking up’ here)
• Extra capacities for deep cycling, just in case you need the distribution to go to another system—if you have, say, an RV on standby
• Quite the reliable discharge system with as much as 300 in terms of overall re-charge to discharge in cycles
• Balance in both cranking and longer lasting reserves

4. The 80040-003 Optima Battery (Red)

With enough performing capabilities to “weather the storm” (as it were) and one product where the cold production may not matter as much, this is an item that will serve many a beginner or expert in the fields for longer than is an expectation—and that is so important, in the long-run.

Features To Consider:
• Considerably longer in terms of dimensions and length, but one that is “just perfect” as the weight provides enough comfort as an equalizer
• Excellent, high performance in terms of actually cranking just as much as can be (for its size) amidst the difficulties of harsh conditions of cold extremes—the CCA amperage rating is 800.
• “Perfect” (so to speak) in structure but mashes a high generation of 12-voltage power that matches to many kinds of vehicles

Do Optima Batteries (Just) Last Longer Than Other Batteries In The Market?

Yes—but by “lasting longer,” Optima does not do it through “reservations of capacity” (not in one component alone) but through “quality” manufacturing:

#1– Quality Materials
• Optima emphasizes gathering ‘the best’ materials that can deliver high durability while favoring ecology—the Spiral – Cell, for example.
#2 – Quality Function
• Optima emphasizes putting battery functions in highlight (and in colors): red for starters, yellow for dual-purpose and blue for deep-cycles.
#3 – Quality Performance
• Optima emphasizes placing performance factors just as well as a category of battery function and sourcing of materials—they do not skimp out on this.

What comes out are high-quality batteries for just about every vehicle and operation—and one that is consistently in high or top ranking since 2017, 2018 and in the current.

Who Makes (The List Of) The Best Car Batteries—And Why That Matters?

From a purely marketing perspective, producing batteries for top ‘best’ batteries (Exide, Odyssey and Others) list is no joke—and it all brings about exposure to a product, which is quite essential.

But (as in the ‘butt’ of jokes), the selection list is variable—and sometimes—entirely dependent on further investigation beyond the surface—the factors that Optima emphasizes, however, do influence a lot of that selection.

Which, of course, includes this Optima car battery review—and how amazing a battery brand Optima continues to become in the market.